Reggie records a 5+ minute experience that Eddy then crafts (for free) into a fully-immersive 360 video. Click for details!


Psychedelic 360 Experience

Voiced by Reggie, Designed by Eddy


Reggie records a 5+ minute experience that Eddy then crafts (for free) into a fully-immersive stereoscopic 360 video. This video will easily be hosted on Youtube with compatibility for Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and many more. Scroll down for details.

email ā†’ theeddyadams@gmail.com


Example by Eddy (drag to rotate)

"As the subatomic vibrations settled from teleporting into the Trappist-1 System, I already knew I wouldn't be going back. Being the first on this Mars-like planet means years of hard work ahead of me."

The Perks of This Collaboration

  • Receive a free 5+ minute immersive experience to share on any social platforms you desire.
  • Exploration of a new medium (VR) that still doesn't have a lot of quality content.
  • If you don't have a VR headset, I'll gift you an Oculus Go ($200 value for the 32GB model).
  • Make Eddy super stoked to work on a project with the brilliant Reggie Watts.

What Reggie Contributes

  • A 5+ minute audio journey to the likes of his TED talk (with plenty of philosophical disorientation).
  • The beginning starts with Reggie's classic stream of consciousness, introducing the viewer to VR.
  • Topics that could be touched on: existence, consciousness, the senses, existentialism, isolation, connectedness, teleportation, infinity, and so on.
  • Once introduced, the looping music section begins.
  • I don't want to set limitations on this section, but keep in mind that the sounds will heavily influence the visuals.
  • Your EHX 95000 performance is a perfect example of what I'm thinking.
  • I also love when you wail on the mic and push your singing voice to the limit.
  • Delivery specs: high quality splits as .WAVs with as many separate channels as possible for some ambisonic exploration.
  • If you have experience in ambisonics or 360 audio, you can take a stab at placing the sounds in 3D space. Otherwise, my audio engineer friend (with years of commercial experience) is willing to lay out the sounds.

About Eddy, the 3D Artist

Hello! Iā€™m a Seattle-based 3D motion designer that has recently gone freelance after a decade in the advertising world. In this transition, I have discovered an insatiable hunger to create more art and less advertising. Over the years, I have seen Reggie at a handful of venues, including the Seattle Center for Bumbershoot and the Moore Theatre for Spatial. I also go to Burning Man somewhat regularly; make of that what you will.

"Looking around, I can't place any landmarks. Had I just come down that hill? Shit. I can't remember. Even a five-minute lapse in memory can prove deadly out here."

In Conclusion

If this collaboration interests you, shoot me an email and we can get started! Also, you can be as involved or hands-off in the process as you would like. I hope to hear from you soon!

ā†’ theeddyadams@gmail.com ā† 


Additional Work by Eddy