Speaking Gigs

Sometimes a group of people are crazy enough to come watch me speak about motion graphics for an hour. Here are both of my talks thus far.

In April 2017, I gave a talk about my Cinema 4D tips to the Cinema 4D Meetup group in Seattle. The talk was featured on Lester Banks!

In April 2018, I was three months into freelancing and gave a talk about that journey to the After Effects Seattle meetup at the Adobe offices. Special thanks to Joey Korenman, author of The Freelance Manifesto, for helping me take the leap.

This talk was featured on Lesterbanks and School of Motion’s Motion Mondays newsletter!

For my talk about freelancing, I decided to build a 3D home office to house all the "slides" from my "deck." Here’s how I built it. If you want to dive into the Cinema 4D scene, download it here!