Dust to Ashes


The allure of photoreal 3D has always pulled me in. Now, with GPU rendering and even GPU-accelerated landscape generators, it is within reach for a single artist. When the challenge of the tools melt away, it leaves room for storytelling and deeper attention to detail.

A combination of World Creator, Cinema 4D, and Redshift led me to a final raw render. From there, another layer of color and texture was added in After Effects. If you’re patient enough and know how to frame-by-frame on Vimeo embeds, you might even find a little surprise.


3D Artist: Eddy Adams

Special thanks to the World Creator Discord channel.



Mounting Tension


The brilliant Aaron Westwood has been leading the World Creator GPU-accelerated landscape movement for quite some time now. Following in his footsteps, I set out to create an ambitious landscape render that has it all - trees, flowers, deer, birds, even god rays. In the end, a story about hope among the darkness boiled to the top.

During the production process, I took notes and screenshots along the way to try and help other aspiring 3D artists tackle the technical hurdles of landscape design and rendering.

The full Mounting Tension breakdown.


Designer: Eddy Adams