European Pastel Glamour Pop Motorcars


European Motorcars in Pastel Glamour Pop

Call your Dentist; you now have a sweet tooth for europop


What is this all about?

Cute 3D European cars get playful with their scale and juxtaposition in a bright, pastel world made of makeup and candy. Live-action footage of actors supplements the story and gives a face to the drivers.

The reference images below represent loose themes and visual aesthetics that can narrowed down into specific shots and devices.


Balloons - playful, light, and interactive


Mirrors - mesmerizing, perception-altering, and penetrable


Makeup - glamorous, playful, and colorful


Sweets - pastel, delicious, and playful


Environment - minimalist, thoughtfully-designed, and Wes Anderson


Color (pastel) - comfortable, sweet, and pleasant