Commercials worked on while at various studios around Seattle.


Ford F-150 Touchscreen

Creative Director, 3D animation, 2D titles.

Microsoft Story Remix

On-set VFX supervising, tracking, 3D. 300k views on the Windows YouTube channel.


Gary Busey Does Amazon

TV UI animation and 3D endtag. Millions of views on broadcast and online.

Bing's Fifth Birthday

On-set VFX supervising, tracking, UI animation. Over 55k views on Bing's Youtube channel.


Cisco Cloud Security

UI design, tracking, and animation; 3D office and server room.

Cedar Grove

Associate Creative Director, concept, design, animation.


Microsoft Mixed Realities

Associate Creative Director, environment design, animation. 180k views on the Hololens YouTube channel.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

On-set VFX supervision, screen tracking, UI animation, that first cardboard box, endtag.


Street Heat

Animatic, B-camera, lead actor (grey hoodie), head-mounted camera operator, post-production.

Amazon Reinventors

On-set VFX supervision, tracking, UI animation.


Introducing Amazon Echo

Animatic, 3D pickup shots, post-production.

Visit Seattle

Creative Director, 3D artist, motion graphics.